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TV Wall Mounting

So, you’ve finally thrown out that old and battered TV unit and bought yourself a sleek and shiny flat screen TV. Now, where to put it?

One of the main benefits of having a flat screen, plasma or 3D television is that they can all be very nicely wall mounted. If that sounds like something you’d like to see, then Aerial Installers is all you need for the very best TV wall mounting service. Our experienced professionals are specialists in flat screen TV wall mounts, and they are on hand to offer you the very best advice on your TV wall mount installation, ensuring that everything is right for you.

You’ve paid a lot of money for a sophisticated and elegant television, now you deserve a polished, professional fitting. Perhaps you need help with a clever solution to fit your new flat screen TV within a limited space? Or maybe you’d rather leave handling an expensive piece of equipment to the professionals. Whatever your reasons, you can rest assured that with Aerial Installers you will be receiving the upmost in value and service, and an end result you couldn’t be happier with.

Perhaps you have a flat screen TV but you’re quite happy with it sitting on your TV unit. Putting your flat screen TV on a wall will immediately free up more space, which is something everyone could do with a little more of in their homes. This is particularly useful if you have a room that has limited floor space. Wall mounting enables you to make the most of the space you have available by using that empty wall space above your fireplace, or perhaps above a chest of drawers in a bedroom.

If you have an expensive television, the last thing you want is for someone to walk out of your house with it. However, getting your television professionally wall mounted makes it a lot harder to steal. Our team will ensure your television is securely attached to a wall mount or bracket, not only making it harder to steal, but also far safer as it reduces the possibility of your TV falling.

This added security is also of great benefit if you have children, as having the television up and out of the way stops curious children from pushing buttons, sticking food in important USB ports and pulling the television down on top of themselves. If you don’t have children, having the TV secured to the wall makes you less likely to crash into it, too, particularly if you’re in the middle of a particularly aggressive game of tennis or bowling on a games console!

No matter what size your television or space may be, Aerial Installers will have a solution for you. If you have sufficient space, then you can count on us to mount your TV safely and securely. Your TV will be left looking neat and tidy with all cables and wires hidden from view. We can even offer you different kinds of wall brackets depending on how much flexibility you would like when it comes to tilting your TV screen. Our team will work at your convenience, and if you wish we can be at your door on the day you book.

For more information about our expert TV wall mounting services, email us now for an instant free quote, or give us a call on 020 7946 0510.