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Aerial Installation Colchester

As the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain, Colchester claims to be in fact the oldest town in Britain, a claim that in itself makes it a popular destination for visitors. The main medieval landmark of Colchester is Colchester Castle, which attracts plenty of tourists, but Colchester’s most interesting legacy is its claim to be the birthplace of the nursery rhymes Old King Cole and Humpty Dumpty, (according to local legend) and most definitely the birthplace of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Tourism to Colchester is increased further due to suggestions that the town was the site of Camelot, and its use in television episodes and novels continue to add to this interest. A growing tourist population puts pressure under hotels, B&Bs and other businesses to ensure they can provide top quality aerial signals for growing numbers. If you are a business or homeowner and you find yourself having to suffer through a fragmented picture or even a complete loss of signal, contact Aerial Installers today.

Our engineers are all local to Colchester, and as such they are well equipped to handle any of the regions particular aerial concerns, so feel free to ask them any questions. For your added security, all of our team is CRB checked. At Aerial Installers we offer a free callout on the day you book to best assess your needs, and our fast same day service means you won’t have to wait long for your installation to be completed. You can rely on our excellent service, as we offer all our customers in Colchester up to five years’ guarantee on all our TV aerial installations.

Aerial Installers is a qualified member of the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) and the Registered Digital Institute (RDI. Visit Aerial Installers today and email us for an instant free quote, give us a call to discuss your installation on 020 7946 0510.

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